Wednesday, 16 March 2011


"No matter how much you had done, fate is just fate. It could not be change easily"

After the Japan earthquake, which causes tsunami, i just realize that life is such valuable. Much people had died in the disaster for just only a short few hours. My mum told me, because the last generation of japan had been too cruel to everybody so they were now having a punishment by God. 

I also heard that many of the anime's author and voice author had died in the tsunami. Luckily, my favorite voice author--Kokubun Yukari was safe. She was the one that i love XDD!! God luckily you had save her! I love you God!! 

Besides as i know, this is not the superstition that my mum had told me. This is a fate. 

Fate can changes everything, this is what we call life... We will not know what happen in next minutes, but the most important thing is... Cherries what we have now. 

This is only the way we can do.Cherries and treasured everything and everyone.

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